Inglett & Stubbs’ culture is based on transparency, Owner alignment, and constant progression. We strive to be perceived as a trade partner and resource. Our measure of success on the project is based on the ability to meet Owner intent and expectation.

We have established various tools and processes made to optimize productivity, quality, and safety on our projects. These have been developed in-house with input from our field and management. While we strive to standardize our processes as much as possible, we encourage Customer input to develop project specific customizations to our procedures.

Core Workforce

Inglett & Stubbs’ strategy for labor sourcing is to maximize usage of our core electricians. Over 65% of our electricians have been with Inglett & Stubbs for 2 years or more and 30% have been with Inglett & Stubbs for 10 years or more. Our project base team is comprised of senior foremen and lead journeymen wiremen who have been a part of Inglett & Stubbs’ core. They are familiar with our quality and safety standards and will serve as the foundation for future electricians on the project.


Inglett & Stubbs believes that a successful project should strive to be incident and injury free. A key to successfully anticipating, recognizing and control risk is part of an ongoing safety management team. This system starts by taking a team approach and proactively collaborating between our Safety Director, Project Managers, Superintendents and General Foremen prior to the commencement of work.

We understand the importance of employee involvement in our Safety Culture. Therefore, we encourage active participation by every employee on all levels. Employees are encouraged and recognized for reporting safety concerns to their foreman.

We have ensured that our subcontractor partners all share similar values and safety metrics. These factors will be included in our initial evaluation of any sub-tier vendors or contractors employed throughout the project.

Relationship with Local Union

As one of the largest electrical contractors in the South Eastern United States and an active member on the NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) board, we have maintained a healthy relationship with the Local Union and continue to have a strong bargaining position in our area.

We proactively assess labor trends with the Local Union to ensure that a qualified workforce is developed. Long term projects assist in long term forecasting and planning.

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