Inglett & Stubbs specializes in working with your engineers during the bidding, estimating and preconstruction phases of your project. We have a dedicated team to collaborate with your firm to ensure that the project stays on schedule, on budget and in line with the project vision.

Our preconstruction team consists of a number of skilled positions within Inglett & Stubbs. Led by the Preconstruction Manager, the team will accurately estimate and provide design assistance for the project. A typical team includes:

  • Preconstruction Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Estimators
  • Engineers
  • CAD/BIM (Building Info Modeling) Operators
  • Key Field Personnel

This multi-disciplined effort ensures that all aspects of a project are evaluated during the preconstruction phase. The team also stays together into construction of your project to ensure continuity throughout the entire process. Inglett & Stubbs’ project management and electrical engineers combine for over 500 years of experience to ensure you are getting the highest quality of preconstruction design assistance and expertise available. We can provide detailed estimates, offer feedback on project constructability and propose alternate design solutions for you, all while maintaining the overarching job objectives.

If needed, Inglett & Stubbs will partner with your engineers to provide the preconstruction support that fits your project’s demands.

The Inglett & Stubbs Preconstruction Team understands the importance of time and budget while estimating your job. Our accurate bidding and estimating tools ensure that you get the most value during this phase of the project, while planning for cost control throughout design and construction. We track our estimates with individual systems which give us unique insights on every project that we encounter. From typical cost variance to historical comparisons, we have the data to provide valuable feedback for your team.

Our BIM operators can create digital models of your project that allows the team to notice design issues before construction begins. From that point, design solutions can be addressed and budgeted according to the project goals. BIM is a valuable tool that Inglett & Stubbs uses during construction as well.

In addition, the Inglett & Stubbs preconstruction team can provide support in the following areas:

  • Document Review
  • Schedule Development
  • Design Budget Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Equipment Review
  • Coordination of Delivery
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Vendor Solicitation & Pre-Qualification
  • Construction Staging & Site Management