Inglett & Stubbs has a plan in place to deliver a successful project even before award. Our preconstruction teams are already working on a identifying the correct deliverables for the project and establishing a milestone schedule based on those deliverables. Inglett & Stubbs’ preconstruction team works hand in hand with BIM and Prefabrication to ensure that the critical first phases of the project stay on track.

Inglett & Stubbs will develop an overall strategy to support a well-planned path for construction.  High level goals for preconstruction will be to:

  • Establish the right deliverables to be successful on the project.
  • Complete the deliverables on a planned milestone schedule to ensure the information and tools are available as needed to support construction.
  • Align Contractor Furnished Equipment and Owner Furnished Equipment to support the construction schedule.
  • Coordinate the prefabrication effort with Owner Furnished Equipment.


By tracking our system cost at each pricing effort, we are able to identify budget changes quickly and accurately. Cost savings can be identified specifically so that the Owner has the opportunity to spend resources on other items or other areas. If cost overruns are anticipated, we will provide alternates in order to bring the project back into budget.


Inglett & Stubbs regularly tracks current market conditions for commodities including copper and aluminum (wire), steel (conduit, cable tray, boxes and fittings), electrical devices and equipment, and PVC (conduit). Inglett & Stubbs will issue an RFP to our major vendors in these products to provide support on the product side to acquire and supply these products in order to offset and mitigate extreme price increases.


The schedule would be analyzed backwards from Certificate of Occupancy to establish critical path. Duration and resource requirements would be fed back to the Owner.

Inglett & Stubbs will provide all parties with a full plan of activities and durations to be plotted on the master construction schedule. Critical milestone dates such as equipment delivery, equipment energization, system testing and system checkout will be plotted. We develop a manload schedule to monitor the work progress on a week-by-week basis. This allows us to address all scheduling issues immediately to ensure an on-time project delivery.

Our Project Management Team also develops a cost accounting structure broken down by systems and phases. This allows us to monitor the budget, delivery and installation of each critical component of the project.


We believe that quality begins in the preconstruction stages.  The preconstruction phase will be used in the accumulation of information into a format that is effectively managed and accessed by the field.  This information is managed using Work Packets and Tradesman Manuals.  We have developed the concept of Tradesman Manuals to bridge the gap between Owner intended quality standards and “industry standard” quality.  Each Tradesman Manual consists of equipment specific drawings, specifications, and approved submittals.  The latter are condensed to only include installation pertinent information. These manuals are updated with common issues and best practices throughout the project.