As project timelines compress and project complexity increases, prefabrication has not only become a means to expedite schedules, but a baseline expectation for high quality electrical construction. For the past decades, we have developed our prefabrication facilities and personnel into one of the most innovative prefabrication shops in the nation.


Our prefabrication process not only includes assemblies developed in house over the years, but also engages our field and management to continue the evolution of our products and tools.

Our designers and proprietary tracking tools provide our management and leadership feedback on our prefabrication process. Live feedback allows for more accurate planning, costing, scheduling, and resource forecasting.

Prefabrication is at the core of our company processes.


  • Square Footage: 76,000 square feet
  • Prefabrication Electricians: 70
  • BIM: 25
  • Designers: 8
  • In shop welding
  • In shop paint booth