Inglett & Stubbs Modular can provide you with the expertise needed to provide innovative solutions for complex project needs. Our team is experienced with product design and engineering and can provide a customized solution to meet your business needs. We manufacture on site in our modular facility by our skilled union labor workforce. Our team has a unique background in data center solutions and healthcare solutions as well as specialty projects, that is rooted in the experience that we bring from building the electrical infrastructure on many high profile, large projects in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast. Our expertise extends internationally as well, as we have experience in providing modular solutions such as Microgrids and primary power solutions to remote areas of the world.

Product Design:

Our modular approach brings innovation to the way that you design, build and maintain electrical and low voltage systems. Our in-house design team can customize and optimize your electrical setup to so that each component fits precisely and will interconnect with other systems seamlessly. We can engineer products that will drive efficiency and enhance productivity within your project footprint. We use the latest technology and our constructability expertise to design solutions that meet your specific needs. Our expert team leverages the latest technology of virtual reality to create immersive design experiences.

Product Manufacturing:

Our modular manufacturing services can help you gain a competitive advantage in rapidly changing markets. Our modular solutions will allow you to optimize resources, minimize waste and improve production capabilities. Our manufacturing teams are made up of skilled union labor that ensure the highest level of quality for your finished products. Our process involves design and coordination, schedule planning, manufacturing control, production quality assurance and testing.

Delivery and Logistic Services:

After the manufacturing process is complete, our logistics services team will manage the delivery to ensure a seamless and efficient transition from production to your site location.  Our process involves strategically planning for just-in-time delivery so that we can help minimize storage fees and requirements. We can self-deliver locally and also have strategic partnerships with top-notch logistics providers to offer flexible delivery options.  Our team will handle all modular components with the utmost care during transportation, and our team designs and plans packaging to ensure that it arrives safely to your location ready for installation.


Mechanical Galleries
Multi-Trade Racks
Temporary Power Solutions
Skidded Electrical Equipment
Skidded MDF/IDF Rooms
UPS Pods


Electrical Rooms
Modular Headwall Assemblies
Multi-Trade Racks
Temporary Power Solutions


Electrical Rooms
Micro Grids
Skidded Motor Control Assemblies
Skidded Solar EV Charging Stations
Temporary Power Connex

Capacity & Experience

Square Footage: 70,000 sqft

Indoor Bridge Cranes – up to 20 Ton Capacity

Grade Level Loading Bays – 16’ and 20’

Modular Electricians: 50+

On Staff Welders: 10+

Design Staff: 5+

Hours Worked to-date: 448,000+

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